What We Do

Why are we sick or unwell … and what can we do?

When the nervous system is over stimulated, it’s very difficult for the body to maintain its health & vitality. This overstimulation occurs from both inside & outside. In this condition all the body’s energy is used trying to cope with the chaos resulting from this overstimulation. We call this being “stressed!” or “stressed out”. It results in pain & other physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. In this state there is no energy left over, no resources left over, for the moment to moment care, maintenance, and healing of the body – nothing left over for living & enjoying our life.

Our office assists your body in doing what it already knows how to do – relax at a very deep level and so it can reset itself out of the stress physiology it’s caught in. Then, rather than being locked in these patterns, the result is more ease and flexibility – physically, mentally and emotionally. Symptoms of all kinds begin to melt away. This creates more well being and a better quality of life all around.

“ “The Doctor who helps you breathe!” ”
– Sonia, age 5

The work is gentle and profound. It works at all levels, with both acute and chronic, deeper problems. It’s beyond holistic because it works on all levels simultaneously! And, best of all, it allows your body to work much more efficiently and to continually upgrade itself, so you can handle higher stress levels without overloading! Life becomes easier and more joyful!

Remember: Your body knows exactly what to do –
In every situation, whatever the problem seems to be, it knows.
All it needs is a little guidance, a helping hand. That’s our job.
Good health is your birthright!

Healing happens here!
We can help you!
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