About Us

Dr. Dick Shepard, D.C., has practiced Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), Chiropractic and healing work for over 25 years. And he continues to advance his professional chiropractic, spiritual and energetic skills through his work with many different teachers & healers. There is a special emphasis on Network Care through extensive studies with Dr. Donny Epstein, founder of NSA. Dr. Shepard was also fortunate to be asked to work on staff with Dr. Epstein, which furthered his understanding of how healing truly works.

Dr. Shepard comes from a long lineage of healers including Native American shamans, Western medical doctors, and ministers. And there have been countless others who have influenced and served him in his understanding of holistic healing. He understands that wellness encompasses the entire being, not just one or two aspects of the person. Therefore, healing must happen to all of us – altogether.

“You are Seattle’s Hidden Healing Gem.”
– John Holland, Author, Speaker, Medium

Noel Shepard has also been a member of the NSA community for many years. She has practiced Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) on Dr. Epstein’s teaching staff. She also uses the Eductor biofeedback system to help the body balance and reduce stress. This powerful stress management system allows deep relaxation and increases the body’s ability to heal. Her presence in the office is a true gift to the healing process. Her intuition is impeccable and her insights continually serve people in their learning and awakening to what is really involved in holistic healing. Her gifts and her compassion are truly amazing to observe.

Dick & Noel are both committed to their own healing through Chiropractic, NSA, SRI, Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment, a number of spiritual practices, and many other means that they integrate into their healing and teaching style. They participate in healing events and chiropractic intensives in the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Italy and Brazil.


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