Holidays & Angels

Ready, set, don’t stress! Yes, it is the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we have to stress ourselves out over it. Of course, there’s lots to do; but don’t forget what this time is about. It’s important to remember to treat everyone with patience, kindness, and compassion – and, don’t forget, this includes you! With that being said, it’s important to take the holidays slow.

Let’s talk about the magic of Angels!

This is the season when many of us think about Angels. If you have never asked an Angel for help or if you have, but didn’t feel it got you anywhere, we would like to share a few tips we have learned from our dear friend & bestselling author, Anthony William. He reminds us that the first step in working with Angels is to give the Angels your true consent. They know how challenging life on earth can be and they are here to offer us their support, love and guidance. The second tip we’re about to share is a life changer. Once we started doing this we noticed a remarkable difference in our experience with these heavenly beings. So, ask the Angels out loud for their help. Call them by name.* We don’t mean scream it, but say it out loud. Don’t keep it as a thought. Imagine the Angels trying to read your mind, with all the thoughts, worries and dramas going on in there. Make it easy for them, give them a clear read on what you want help with. Many of you have already shared how helpful these tips have been and we have been in awe of your stories. Miraculous things happen when you have Angels on your side. May the Angels light and bless your Holidays.

* (to learn more about angels and healing we recommend “Life-Changing Foods” & “Medical Medium” books by Anthony William and

So, in closing, we feel very blessed to have all of you as friends and associates! We both want to wish the happiest of holidays to you and yours and an amazing New Year in 2017!!

Dr. Dick & Noel