Feel Like a Kid Again!

Remember your summers as a child! Having the energy to play all day, moving your body in all kinds of silly kid ways; and waking up early the next day with all the energy you need to do it all over again? Summer is the time for kids & adults to add more play to their days. Whether it’s an adventure in a foreign country, camping, hiking, or reading that good book you saved for this summer, we all want to have fun & make memories!

So why do kids have more energy?? And, how can we do the same? It’s not just getting more sleep. It’s being more connected to your body that gives you that energy! So how can we be more connected to our bodies so we can feel like a kid again?

First, by spending some time with us, we can help. Don’t forget – entrainments (our healing sessions) release old, stuck energy and make way for new energy to run through the body so we can do more things we love & do it longer. Because kids just don’t seem to run out of energy, right? Plus they’re always so enthusiastic about pretty much everything they do!! Connecting more with your body allows you to feel that enthusiasm, that joy of just being alive!! So let us help you increase your energy so you can have fun this summer!

Tips for increasing your energy this summer:

Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-12 promotes energy production in multiple ways. It supports the adrenal glands, red blood cell formation, and helps convert carbohydrates to glucose — the fuel your body uses for energy! Most of us are low on Vitamin B-12. (We like Global Healing V B-12)

Are you laughing enough? Laughter alleviates stress and relaxes your body.

Walk Barefoot
Walk barefoot this summer. Feel the earth beneath your feet, & absorb its healing power.

Eat Grapes!
Snack on grapes, they are the perfect energy boosting food. We hope these tips inspire you to play this summer, no matter what age you are!

We hope these tips inspire you to play this summer, no matter what age you are!
Healing Happens Here

Healing Is Not a One Night Stand!

Don’t we all wish healing would happen overnight?! Definitely! But … healing is a process. Let’s start by defining what healing is. Some believe that if they have a headache and take an aspirin, they’ve healed their headache. Others believe that while an aspirin may help relieve the pain temporarily, it also only masks a symptom and there is a deeper cause that needs to be addressed. So, whatever your beliefs are, let’s explore healing a little deeper.

Most of us realize that our health issues did not happen overnight, but we still want the symptoms to go away quickly. We believe that healing takes place on many levels, and takes time to reach all the many areas of health – physical, mental, emotional, and beyond.

The deeper we are able to go, the more our life improves. And it takes time to change our habits to facilitate this improvement; habits of eating, sleeping, exercising, keeping too busy, and, of course, our emotional habits! Healing does not happen overnight, but over time and with a willingness to change. Just change one or two things at a time, and watch yourself move forward. Understanding this will allow for deeper healing and a better quality of life!

Real healing takes time. It is not a one night stand. It requires love and patience. Give yourself the gift of healing! And Happy Valentine’s!!

Everyone’s Talking About Flu Shots!

Our patients often want to know what type of flu shots we take. We would NEVER get a flu shot!! Why? Because we don’t believe they really work and does anyone really know what’s in them?? But, we will share with you what types of supplement ‘shots’ we do take if we have a cold/flu or just want to improve our immune system.

At the first sign or even a hint of getting sick we take:

4 droppers of Eidon-Zinc-Concentrate (do this 3 or more X a day)
4 droppers of Alcohol-Free-Goldenseal (3 or more X a day)

Place the zinc & goldenseal in a shot glass with a little water or juice and hold under your tongue for a few seconds, then swallow. Yes, you will make a funny face because it tastes bad! But it’s worth not getting sick or being sick for weeks, like many do.

When we really want to super charge our immune system we will add Sovereign Silver shots throughout the day. Just hold under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. Other great supplements to have on hand during the flu season are olive leaf, mullein leaf, lomatium root, and elderberry. And as the old saying goes – feed a cold and starve a fever. Just remember your body is asking for rest. It’s time to slow down, sleep and let healing happen.

How Healing Works

´╗┐Welcome to the month of February! As you can imagine we get lots of questions about how the body heals and why sometimes it takes longer than we would like.

One of the most common questions we hear at our office is:

“I still have this pain –
I have a pain that I didn’t have before –
I’m having things happen that are uncomfortable – …

is that normal? Am I okay? Is this part of the healing process??”

The answer to these questions is: “YES, YES, YES!”

This is where the body’s version of healing & the mind’s version are quite different. The mind very distinctly says that any discomfort at all is wrong, bad and should be stopped. The body, on the other hand, says – it took a long time to disconnect to the point of having whatever “symptoms” (i.e., the body’s call for help) show up. So, it can take some rearranging & even reconstruction before things are on a more even keel. It is very similar to remodeling. Sometimes it takes some demolition and removal of outdated parts so we can update & upgrade the system. A mere removal of the symptoms never truly addresses the deeper parts which are the causes of ill health.

So healing may not work the way we think. The mind, no matter what it knows about the body, really has very little idea of what the body’s process is and how it heals. Your body’s wisdom is amazing and it knows how to heal! When you start trusting that wisdom, true healing happens!

Watch what it does and allow it to rebuild and remodel itself. Listen to your body and don’t make it wrong. As you observe it go through its process, you will begin to trust your body and that process more and more. And you will notice that things are changing for the better – in all different aspects of your life!

Healing Happens Here!
Dr. Dick & Noel

Not Your Ordinary Chiropractor

This is our very first newsletter, and we’re excited to be sharing it with you! Why? Because healing is our passion, and it’s about our journey through life. Our hope is that this will inspire you to take time for your own healing and join our community right here in our little corner of the world, where you will feel supported in Seattle. Feel free to reach out with your questions and suggestions. We would love to hear what you have to say!

One of the first things people ask us is why do you consider yourselves to be “not your ordinary chiropractor”? The answer is because we see things differently than most. Instead of looking at what’s wrong with your body, we focus on what is already working well; and, expanding on that, people experience amazing physical, emotional and spiritual results.

To get these results we must adopt a very different point of view. We begin to see the body’s genius, and allow it to do its work. This is different from our cultural point of view, which always looks for the problem. Seeing things this way actually allows your body to heal naturally! We begin to trust our bodies and see they are not to fear but to enjoy. Our bodies are our friends and are here to help us on our journey. This is why I’m “not your ordinary chiropractor”; I don’t think anything is wrong with you!

So by beginning to relax the fear and confusion about our bodies, we begin to live in them and begin to enjoy them. Experience, not information, provides the relationship with our bodies. By experiencing our bodies, we find many of the “problems” are only appearing as a part of the body’s process; they change and disappear without us having to do anything.

So, this is what we attribute our success to – your body! Without it, how would we really know how to serve you? It may seem a bit of a stretch, but your body knows everything. So our hope is to get people more and more connected to their bodies so they can live healthier, happier lives.

The real gift on this journey is that things can and do change. Trust yourself, you’re doing a great job! And remember, take time for your healing!

Healing Happens Here!
Dr. Dick & Noel