Let’s Build Immunity …. Not Fear!

We have so much to say on this topic but we want to keep this relatively short. When the situations around us have become so uncertain, it becomes more important than ever to support our emotional, physical and spiritual health. There is no reason you can’t get healthier during this challenging time! When you focus on health, everything changes. At this moment more than ever your immune system is your BEST friend, so you need to support that. And we hope this newsletter will do just that.

*One of the most effective ways to build immunity is to reset the nervous system out of stress physiology (fight or flight). The nervous system controls and moderates ALL body functions, so it must be free of interference to properly do its job.

One of the best means we’ve found to remove this interference is through entrainments (or Network adjustments). These sessions systematically and consistently reset the nervous system, and the whole body, out of fight or flight.

This calms the nervous system, which calms the body, which changes the entire physiology. The body then can build/strengthen the immune system, which is our interface with the world and life! It resets ALL body systems. This includes the endocrine system which is directly responsible for regulating and balancing our emotions. So, in balancing this, we become calmer and, perhaps, a little less fearful and more sane!

See the video link from Dr. Livingood (I know…Great name).
It has a very similar tone to what we’re teaching here at the office. “Don’t focus (and worry) about the problem. Instead, find a positive way you can respond and create a better life for you and those you love.” A simple shift, using your energy and creativity for positive changes in your life, benefits you and everyone. We’re not talking philosophy here. These are things you can do to effect a change in your health and in your life!

Other powerful things you can do!

*Taking Nature’s Answer Alcohol-free Goldenseal and Eidon Liquid Zinc are simple ways you can build your immune system. Goldenseal is a powerful immune booster. It’s an herbal antibiotic with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. And, Zinc is powerful for keeping viruses at bay. Here’s how we like to build our immune with these two amazing herbs.

Take 2 or more dropper fulls of goldenseal & zinc, 2 x a day for 2 weeks. (you may want to put this in a little juice, its strong tasting so be prepared! Hold under your tongue for 30 seconds then swallow.)
Take 2 weeks off. Then repeat.
Continue this for 3 months
Start all over again.
[You can take zinc every day. Just not the goldenseal.]

And, when we really want to super charge our immune system, we will add Sovereign Silver shots throughout the day. Just hold under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. Silver is a powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

Other great supplements for building your immunity are olive leaf, elderberry, Vitamin C, mullein leaf and lomatium. Lomatium is super for your lungs.

*Also, many of you have asked what we are doing to protect you and ourselves while we work.

Our cleaning standards have always been excellent and now we have even gone beyond that!

Most of you don’t realize that we have an air cleaning system that runs all day long. It is able to filter the air through HEPA filters. It uses UV light (just like the hospitals) to kill bacteria & viruses in the building. It uses small doses of ozone to kill even more viruses and bacteria. And it has a negative ion generator, to not only clean the air, but to drop particulate matter to the ground so it doesn’t get inhaled (especially important for the lungs!).

We also offer Dr. Bronner’s organic hand sanitizer and Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes. Our tables are cleaned after each person with Biokleen Cleaner and paper towels. The bathroom, light switches, door knobs and pens are given attention several times a day. We want you to know that we are doing our best to keep us all healthy!

*Some of you have asked for private sessions and we are now accommodating that request. The fee for this session is $100.

*We also want to remind you that we are only booking two patients at a time to allow for more space.

*We will have a special announcement in the next few weeks that you won’t want to miss!

Lastly, we want to remind you to reach out to others. Ask for help and give it to those in need. We all need to remember the human factor in all of this!

Click on the link for a sing-along reminder!!

with a little help from my friends …

Dick & Noel*

Need Help Breathing?

Everyone is talking about all the smoke, fires and how hard it has become to breathe. We hope this newsletter will help you find the support you may be looking for.

If you or your loved ones have been exposed to smoke, soot, and poor air quality from the fires on the West Coast, here are some simple ways you can help protect your health.

Tips For Poor Air Quality

A good filter can clean the air and really make a difference! They are in high demand right now, so if you’re in need, take the time to find one that fits your budget. It will pay off!


These supplements help strengthen your health and protect your lungs.

Mullein Leaf helps strengthen the oxygen sacs of the lungs.

Micro-C helps to loosen and remove debris from the air passages.

• Lomatium Root is highly effective at aiding respiratory ailments and also helps the body detoxify.

NAC is recognized for its respiratory benefits. It helps thin and reduce mucus.

A good Nebulizer used with Sovereign Silver is a very effective way to help your lungs and sinuses.

• Sovereign Silver

Garlic, rosemary, sage, and thyme are especially helpful for improving blood flow into the lungs allowing for detoxification of poisons. The fresh herbs are the most potent! Try using them in your foods or making teas from them.

Thyme tea and water

Staying very well hydrated is critical for protecting your health in situations like these. Drinking plenty of lemon or lime water and/or coconut water will enable your body to detox more effectively.

Coconut Water

Our colleague, Sarah Kruse, has some wonderful Ayurvedic tips we would like to share with you. #embrace-ayurveda

7 Ayurvedic Tips to Protect You From Smoke

We hope this information helps you and your loved ones through this difficult time.