Healing Our Oceans!

When we think of summer, most of us think of spending a little or a lot of time at the beach. We look forward to the clear blue waters to swim in and long walks on sandy beaches. Those simple pleasures are becoming more challenging as we deal with the pollution of our oceans. This summer we thought we would introduce you to a wonderful organization called 4ocean. It’s an amazing story of two young men, a love of all things oceans and their desire to keep our oceans clean and support the people that live near them.

Since we want to be a part of keeping our oceans clean and supporting #4oceans, we will be raffling 10 of their bracelets during the summer months. These bracelets are made from the recycled trash that was removed for the ocean. We know you will love them as much as we do.

To enter, just stop by this summer for a healing session and drop your name in our raffle bowl. There will be a total of 10 winners! 5 names will be pulled in July and 5 in August. Good luck and we look forward to sharing more healing with you and our planet!!

For the full story of 4ocean, please check out their link for the full story.

Humor Heals!

It’s a well known fact that humor helps you heal. It’s even accepted by the scientific community! Having a sense of humor allows us to release tension and emotional charge. It helps the body create more endorphins and dopamine, and less stress hormones. The body resumes a more natural state. The old saying of ‘lighten up’ literally occurs! The body resets itself out of fight or flight. Connecting Laughter, Humor & Good Health

One of the most quoted and talked about examples of this is Norman Cousins. In 1964 he was given 6 months to live. Instead of accepting this prognosis, he began watching funny videos and taking large doses of Vitamin C. According to him this saved his life and he went on to live another 26 years!

Our observation about healing is that it’s essential to have a good sense of humor. Otherwise, we become much too serious about our symptoms and conditions. This adds a lot of stress to an already not optimal situation. It’s not being in denial of what’s happening; it is about allowing ourselves to relax more while we deal with whatever is put before us. This brings more clarity to our situation and actually boosts our immune systems.

So, keep a light heart and laugh more! You may heal things you never knew needed healing! Here’s a few chuckles! Enjoy!