Would you like to avoid the Flu this Season??

Would you like to avoid the Flu this Season??
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We’ve always wondered why more people don’t work on improving their immune system so that they can improve their health . It just doesn’t seem to be the focus of our medical system. If you focus on boosting your immune system, your overall health will improve; and most likely you will be one of the lucky ones that won’t have the flu this season. We hope that by sharing this information before the flu season, you will stay well. And, if you should come down with one of those crazy bugs, we have a few tips that will help you start feeling better a whole lot sooner!

The Goldenseal Challenge!
Best to start doing this now, before flu season is upon us.

Goldenseal is a powerful immune booster. It’s an herbal anti-biotic with anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. It is important to follow this sequence for goldenseal to maintain the most potency in your body.

Natures’s Answer Alcohol-Free Goldenseal

*Take 1 dropper full 2 X a day for 2 weeks ( you may want to put it in a little juice, it’s strong tasting so be prepared! )
*Take 2 weeks off
*Continue this for 3 months
*Now stop for 1 month
* Repeat (building your immune system is cheaper that going to the doctor’s!)

Getting a cold, and wondering what would really help? Here’s what we do. Supplement “shots”! At the very first sign of getting sick we take:

*4 droppers of Eidion-Zinc (do this 3 or more X a day)
*4 droppers of Nature’s Answer Alcohol-Free Goldenseal (3 or more X a day)

Place the Zinc & Goldenseal in a shot glass with a little water or juice and hold under your tongue for a few seconds, (30 seconds is best) then swallow. Yes, you will make a funny face because it tastes bad!! But it’s worth it – so just do it!!

When we really want to super charge our immune system we will add Sovereign Silver shots throughout the day. Take a tablespoon and hold under your tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. Other great supplements to have on hand during the flu/cold season are olive leaf, elderberry, Vitamin C, mullein leaf and lomatium is super for your lungs. And, as the old saying goes – feed a cold and starve a fever.

We hope this information will help you stay healthy through the upcoming holidays. And start this New Year in wellness!

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